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Dykeland Lodge is a fully licensed, not-for-profit 111- bed long term care facility located in Windsor, Nova Scotia.


Dykeland Lodge was built in 1973 by the four municipal units of Hants County, namely the Town of Hantsport, Town of Windsor, the Municipality of the District of East Hants and the Municipality of the District of West Hants.


When the facility opened in December 1974, it housed 75 residents plus five independent one-bedroom apartments for seniors in the Hants County area.


In November 1990, a 35-bed addition was constructed. In addition to the 110 long term care beds, and the 5 independent apartments, we also had a room that is available for respite care to provide temporary relief to individuals caring for seniors in the community. This respite room was converted to a permanent long-term care bed in November 2011 bringing our census to 111 long term care beds.


Front Entrance to Dykeland Lodge

Front Entrance to Dykeland Lodge