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Hair Care

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We have a hair salon for the residents within the facility. Several local hairdressers provide services such as cuts, sets, perms and colours at a reasonable price.



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Recreation provide a variety of programs focusing on enhancing a Resident’s socialization, mental stimulation, physical ability, spiritual and emotional well being.


Recreation staff does an individualized recreation assessment and residents are encouraged to participate, actively or passively, in programs or enjoy one-on- one activities. Scheduled small group activities try to reflect the interests of the residents and include exercise programs, bowling, card games, washer toss, bingo, and baking.


Local volunteers provide musical entertainment, spiritual programs, friendly visits, pet therapy, reading groups, craft and baking groups, and a weekly public card party.  We invite family, friends and members of the community to come join us for our larger group activities which include musical entertainment, birthday parties and special holiday events and teas.


Our Music Therapist provides a weekly spiritual circle and works with the Dykeland Lodge Chime Choir who performs several times a year. Residents are taken on bus trips to see the sights and participate in community events.


Spiritual Services

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It’s the great mystery of human life that old grief passes gradually into quiet tender   joy.--Fyodor Dostoevsky


Dsotoevsky, the great Russian novelist, reminds us that human life is a great and mysterious adventure; an adventure which begins in the mystery of our own birth and is directed by numerous lifetime experiences. 


We grow, we learn, we love, we find a place to become ourselves and we share in the lives of everyone around us. Sometimes we are so busy that we hardly notice the passing of years and then one day we wake up to the mystery of time and to the challenge of making sense of life and of finding peace and joy where we did not expect it. 


At Dykeland Lodge we understand that life is more than a physical process, it is also a spiritual journey from one mystery into another.  We share together our joys and sorrows, our fears and also our hopes in the love that has created us through worship, prayer, bible studies, music, and times of deep intimate relationship.  We seek to grow and to realize together that quiet tender joy that is promised to us all.



Food Services

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The goal of the Foodservice Department is to provide nutritious, appetizing and safe meals to all residents. All meals are prepared on site and meal service is provided to 2 main dining rooms and 3 kitchenettes. 


Dykeland lodge has a five week cycle menu which changes to take advantage of seasonal favorites and to incorporate in special meal events to celebrate special holidays. Beverages and between meal snacks are stocked in the kitchenettes of each wing.  Families are encouraged to share recipes and special menu ideas with the Food Service department.


Guests/families are encouraged to dine with their loved one. However, due to limited seating, visitors are asked to plan ahead. Meal tickets may be purchased at the front reception area.


A registered dietitian is on staff to assess each new resident’s nutritional status and provide follow-up when necessary. Families are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions regarding your loved ones nutritional status with our dietitian.



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Environmental Services staff help make this home clean, safe and healthy for our residents. We are always looking for new ideas to enhance the environment for our Residents.


All laundry services are provided in house by our staff to ensure quality and care is put into the cleaning of the clothing. We make alterations to enhance their comfort. All personal clothing is labeled with the residents name to ensure prompt return of belongings once laundered.


Housekeeping services are carried out with the intent of maintaining a clean and healthy home. Along with daily cleaning of resident living areas and bathrooms, once a year each resident room is stripped down and thoroughly housecleaned. All of our cleaning products are environmental friendly with low scent to address any environmental illness that staff or residents may have.


The Maintenance staff currently work Monday to Saturday to ensure that all equipment is in good working order and provide day to day support to the residents and staff.