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All admissions to nursing homes in Nova Scotia are facilitated through the Department of Health and Wellness Single Entry Access.


To begin the process, please contact the Single Entry Access at 1-800-225-7225.


You can review the province's fact sheets on Continuing Care by clicking here. 


A Care Coordinator will visit your home and conduct a full assessment. Upon assessment, the first option that will be explored is whether you can continue to live in your home with the help of home care or other community services (e.g. Meals on Wheels).


If you need more support than can be provided at home, the Care Coordinator will complete an application for placement to a long-term care facility. At the time of assessment applicants will be asked to indicate a preferred community of residence and to name one or more facilities to which they prefer to be admitted. Your name will then be placed on the waiting list for these long-term care facilities.


The waiting lists for Long Term Care facilities are managed by the Department of Health and Wellness and can be viewed at

If you have any questions regarding the admission process or if you would like a personalized tour of the facility, please contact us at 902-798-8346.



The cost of care in the facility is paid for jointly by the provincial government and the resident. The government pays for the health care costs for resident care while the resident pays for accommodation costs(operational costs of maintenance, dietary, environmental services and administration), and personal expenses(clothing, eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental services, funerals, pharmacare co-pay, transportation).


Each year the Department of Health and Wellness sets the standard accommodation charge for all facilities in the province. Individuals can apply to have this accommodation rate reduced by undergoing an income-based financial assessment. The financial assessment will not look at any of your assets.


Further information on the cost of entering a long term care facility can be obtained from the NS Department of Health website.