Admission to Long Term Care


1. Pre-Admission

All admissions to nursing homes in Nova Scotia are facilitated through the Department of Health and Wellness Single Entry Access.

To begin the process, please contact the Single Entry Access at 1-800-225-7225.

A Care Coordinator will visit an individual’s home and conduct a full assessment which will be used to determine the supports he/she needs. The waiting lists for Long Term Care facilities are managed by the Department of Health and Wellness and can be viewed at

Information on the cost of entering a long term care home can be obtained from the Department of Health (


2. Acceptance to Dykeland Lodge


3. Preparation

A. Furniture and Personal Belongings

All residents’ rooms are furnished by the home; however, residents are welcome to bring in some personal belongings, we wished to create a warm comfortable home-like environment. Please feel free to seek guidance from staff on appropriate furniture and items that are not permitted. For safety reasons, all electrical appliances must be inspected by maintenance staff prior to being used in the home. Our maintenance staff will assist with the installation of pictures and any shelves due to safety issues.

It is strongly recommended that residents not keep valuables or large sums of money in their rooms as the home is not responsible for the lost items. Funds can be placed in trust for the resident at the reception office. All important papers/legal documents should be kept by the family.

All personal items brought to the home should be clearly marked with resident’s name. All clothing will be labeled by an environmental service worker. Other personal items such as dentures, glasses, rosaries will be labeled by our nursing staff. Hearing aids will have the serial number recorded.

B. Legal Representatives

Planning for the future is important. Dykeland Lodge encourages individual to think about preparing for the following prior to admission:

1. A Personal Directive - that allows the individual to set out how personal decisions, including health care are made for that person when he/she is mentally incapable of making those decisions. Upon admission, all residents will be asked to designate a substitute decision maker under the Personal Directive Act. This may or may not be the next of kin.
2. An Enduring Power of Attorney - that allows the individual to appoint someone to look after his/her money, property, and financial affairs when he/she is mentally incapable of making decisions and the individual wishes assistance with financial affairs when he/she is capable. Legal services is required for preparation of this document and a person must be competent at the time of preparation.
3. Funeral Arrangements - Dykeland Lodge encourages families and residents to contact the funeral home of choice and make preliminary arrangements prior to admission.

During the resident’s stay at Dykeland Lodge, matters will only be discussed with resident’s substitute decision maker or POA. It is their responsibility to share information with other family members in accordance with the resident’s wishes.


4. What to expect on Admission Day

Upon arrival at the home, our receptionist will greet the resident and introduce him/her to our care team. He/she will be shown to his/her room and a tour and information about the home will be provided. Each department will meet with the resident.

  • Nursing- an RN or designate will complete the admission checklist. The RN/designate will discuss matters related to health/nursing/medical
  • Administration- completes lease-signing and discusses financial matters
  • Food Services- will discuss with resident dietary needs
  • Therapists- a physiotherapist/ occupational therapist will assess resident’s mobility and related needs
  • Recreation- will discuss with the resident his/her preference to recreation programs/activities
  • Environmental Service- the housekeeper will be doing cleaning daily and laundry service staff will take all personal clothing to be labeled


5. Additional Services Provided

  • TV/phone/Internet Service- is provided and arranged by the home
  • Spiritual Services- our residents are served by our chaplain, as well as ministers and groups from our local churches
  • Footcare- only basic footcare is provided by our nursing team. Advanced footcare is arranged by either the resident or family
  • Hair Care- an on-site hairdresser performs all aspects of hairdressing, including styling, coloring, cutting and washing

If you have any questions or concerns regarding admission to Dykeland Lodge, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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