Food Service Department

The goal of the Foodservice Department is to provide safe meals to all residents that are nutritious, appetizing and are presented in an attractive manner. The Foodservice Department is inspected biannually to ensure food safety standards are met. As well, all foodservice staff completes professional food safety training on a regular basis. 

Our Cooks and Foodservice staff take great pride in their work and are proud that all meals are prepared on site and home baked. Meal service is provided to 2 main dining rooms and 3 kitchenettes. The Foodservice team values meeting residents needs and encourages feedback from residents, families and staff.


Dykeland Lodge has a 5-week cycle menu which changes to take advantage of seasonal favorites and to incorporate in special meal events (i.e. Holidays). Beverages and between meal snacks are stocked in the kitchenettes of each wing. Families are encouraged to share recipes and special menu ideas with the Food Service department to bring a touch of home to our home.


Guests/families are encouraged to dine with their loved one. Visitors are asked to plan and provide at least 1-2 hours’ notice to the Foodservice Department to ensure seating is available. Meal tickets may be purchased at the front reception area.

Clinical Nutritional Services

A registered dietitian is on staff to assess each new resident’s nutritional status and provide follow-up when necessary. Families are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions regarding your loved one’s nutritional status with our registered dietitian.

For further information contact Carlene Cole-Beaver, Director of Food Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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