New Build Updates

build4We are well on our way into the first phases of our new Long-Term Care Replacement Facility. The Dykeland Build Team has engaged the project manager, Grey Cardinal Management Inc., who we will work closely with to see ourLong-Term Care Facility Replacement come to life.

An Archeological team has been retained to assess the property for any evidence of sensitive material relating to the First Nations background of our lands. Design team interviews are under way, with the preferred proponent being selected and recommended to the Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care for approval. Also, we are in the process of choosing additional project team members, such as the Commissioning Agent and Construction Manager.

When the Design team is secured, the next steps of the process will begin with developing a functional program, which defines the character, services, scope, functions, and space requirements in sufficient detail for subsequent design or approvals.

Dykeland and Grey Cardinal have held sessions within the Community to keep the project process and schedule as transparent as possible, attempting to address concerns within the Community. Updates which will provide a project overview and monthly insight to schedule and project milestones will be available soon.




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