Celebrating Our Successes

At Dykeland Lodge, in order to properly recognize our staff for their hard work and efforts, we provide them with perks and appreciation that include:

  • Kudos- staff and residents acknowledge an employee for an outstanding performance and he/she is qualified for a draw for a chance to win a prize
  • Unsung Hero Awards- staff are nominated and acknowledged for the phenomenal work they do throughout the year. The list of awards that an employee can receive are the following:
    • Mr. and Ms. Congeniality- a real team player
    • Funny Bone- finds humor in any situation and helps lighten the mood in the facility
    • Care Bear- goes above and beyond to be caring, helpful and warm towards everyone
    • SafeHalloween 2019ty- ensures safety of all
    • Leadership- one who is authentic, empathetic, accountable, motivates and inspires others
    • Rookie- must be hired in the current calendar year and goes above and beyond their normal responsibilities
    • Employee of the Year- respectful, caring, positive and patient with residents, families and fellow staff members
  • Attendance Reward Program- staff are recognized for attending all scheduled shifts. If an employee has perfect attendance for the quarter, he/she will receive a gift card and will have his/her name put in for a draw for a chance to win a $300 visa card.
  • Service Recognition- After 1 year of service, an employee will receive a card/letter from the director of his/her department. A Dykeland Lodge pin will be enclosed. Every 5 years of service or more, an employee receives a service bar and/or a gift.
  • Occasions- celebration of staff birthdays and anniversaries
  • Special Events- family BBQs, Christmas Party, staffoutings



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