Social Commitments

Canadians are living longer, with more diseases. A growing number are developing multiple chronic medical conditions, such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, Mental Health, Stroke and Cancer.

Supporting a charity connects you to something important and allows you to make a real impact for good. At Dykeland Lodge, we are committed to support, raise awareness and celebrate with local community charities and different organizations all throughout the country.
The following are the charities/organizations that Dykeland Lodge support:

  1. Alzheimer’s Society of Nova Scotia
  2. Canadian Cancer Society
  3. Heart and Stroke Foundation
  4. Diabetes Canada
  5. Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia
  6. The Arthritis Society- Nova Scotia Division
  7. Happy Community Project

In the past, Dykeland Lodge has participated in several local charity events such as:

  • Big Bike- Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
  • Corn Boil Challenge- we won First Place for this year!!!!
  • Walk to Cure Diabetes



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